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lizzie is trying fall in love with music again. And to work through the absolute chaos that is living. If you want to watch the process, give my new artist page a follow!

I’m beyond excited to share the music I’ve written over the last five years and maybe even more excited for what I’m going to write while trying to unpack those years. Those incredibly difficult, tumultuous years. 

From transitioning into adulthood to intense medical treatment to a global pandemic to heartbreak of the deepest levels to ptsd-inducing ER visits to disillusionment of society, religion, and existence to grief on grief on grief to simply being human (well, maybe not so simply)…

It was brutal. 

But I tried with all my might to keep going. To keep learning. To keep healing. To keep growing. 

Sometimes, I was absolute shit at it. 

But damn, did I try.

I mean, all I could do is try. And keep trying. And keep trying. And keep trying. Again and again and again. 

Health. Happiness. Humanness. 

These are a lot easier discussed than they are experienced. Maybe they’re somewhat lofty goals to chase after, but we can try. And keep trying. Again and again and again. 

That’s what I’m here to do.

So without further ado, let me officially introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Lizzie.


And I am trying.


I hope you are too 💙



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